Sri M said…

Sometimes, what you think is misfortune is ‘fortune’ which comes in the garb of misfortune. Only then, you begin to think seriously, “Where am I going?” ” What am I doing?” So, that’s another reason why people begin to meditate. When such things happen, then people begin to meditate, question, think, contemplate, because they have seen the emptiness of life.

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  1. Asked myself many questions…did mediation ….what next Guruji? Please guide

  2. Sir,

    Why has life got all this complicated? if there is an all powerful, all knowing god why then was there a need to create such a overwhelmingly complex world with humans and thought processes and the need to meditate to understand, to realize. what purpose is served by what seems to be an overarching purpose to realize?

  3. Absolutly true,one doesn’t start to notice oneself till they get hurt in some form .