Sri M said…

Moksha means to be totally free. To be completely happy. Without any depending on anything in the outside world. It is moksha. Not being caught by any desire. Therefore, naturally the corollary to it is, since you are not interested or caught by anything in this world, it does not mean you don’t eat or you don’t drink or you don’t go. That is not the meaning. You may have something. But if it goes it is ok with you. This is moksha.

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  1. C. Hanumantha prasad says:

    Master,explained about Mokha, it’s great

  2. Pranam : Gurudev : Jab woh Milta hai to woh milta kahaan hai : Woh to uske home ka praman milta hai : choonki prapt oh woh hai hi parantu hum bhramit hain choonki hum APNE Ko Main sochtey hain Aru Hum nahin

  3. Vrunda Bhaskar says:

    Maybe we shouldn’t have the desire for moksha also ?

    • Nissandeh: That which you are should draw you and you shud be drawn to it: Without yearning. Aap ekdum sahi hain agar aap isko bheetar tak Anubhav karte hain.