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The Dhyana sloka in the Bhagvad Gita, says: Sarvo Upanishado gaavo: All the Upanishads are the cows: Dugdha Gopala Nandana: The one milks them is Krishna the cowherd boy: Partho Vatsaha: Partha or Arjuna is the calf (for whom the cow produces milk) Sudhir Bohkta: the wise are the enjoyers of it; Dugdham Gita Amritam Mahat the milk of immortality, the great nectar of immortality.

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  1. B.Nagalakshmi says:

    Pranam ..Masterji.

    This sloka reminded me of my younger days. In my childhood , my uncle used to take me to Swmi Chinmayananda ‘s lectures on Bhagvadgeetha.Every day he used to chant this sloka , and “Advaitamruta varshinim bhagavatim narayanena swayam ” . I like that and used to sing this. At that age i could not understand the meaning he explained , but remember his tall , slim personality speaking in pleasent voice.