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  1. Suvratadev Sharmana Vandyopadhyay says:

    Indrani Devi,

    My respect to you.

    How do you know that it was a correct comment, if the revered Shree M did not actually know what happened in Dadri?

    I am sure you do not know either.

    The real facts are different from what have been reported.

    Also how do you support the fact that Shree M did not react or respond to events that led to butchering of Hindus so many times during his lifetime?

  2. Suvratadev Sharmana Vandyopadhyay says:

    Shree M,

    My head bowed on your lotus feet…
    I ask when did you first listen to Sama Gaana of the Saama Veda?

    Kindly reply.

  3. Indrani Dey says:

    This is a correct comment from Sri M.

  4. Suvratadev Sharmana Vandyopadhyay says:

    Shree M,
    With my head on your feet, I would like to urge please know the truth about events before taking a stand.
    You commented regarding Dadri. In your comment you said, “what happened in Dadri” should have been condemned by the PM and his cabinet.
    I ask do you know what happened there for sure. If you take the trouble of finding that out through your Yogic prowess you might retract your statement. The media and its reportage should never ever become the bases of our views.
    The other thing I ask, had you made any such remark when a large number of Hindus were being butchered from time to time?
    I ask, despite your great Yogic achievement, have you been able to give up your Muslim identity?