Sri M said…

When the mind churns in meditation which means, when you delve deeper and deeper into the layers of your mind, the first thing that comes out is not Amrit. The first thing that comes out is poison because, that’s the only way it can come out and disappear, which is why many people who start the practice of sadhana, after a while give up sadhana and take on to other things because the poison has come out.

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  1. How can we come out of that poison? What should we do?



  3. Sharon Wojno says:

    What do you do if you belong to a wonderful ashram (the directive is beautiful), but the people in charge of sitting devotees are heartless. They put them in the sun to wait to come in and won’t even allow them to sit on the temple steps where the overhung sends a shadow to protect them from sun. You only remain there because you had a vision of Swami with Love and bliss saying in the other worlds. Will you still love me if things get worse for the devotees. I think He also said stay as well. But my heart is broken