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The next chapter (after Karma Yoga) is called, Karma Sanyasa Yoga, where Krishna says that sanyasa is not giving up activity but not getting caught up by the results of the activity. Let go and Rejoice! Tena Taktyena Bhunjita which means you do your work, but don’t get caught up with the results of the act. If it is good – fine. If t is not good – also fine.

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  1. Joyjit Banerjee says:

    Gurudev : All that I state is my perception from my little brain.
    The first time I heard sthita prajna was from the BR chopra TV serial may be in 1984 or 85 , that timeonwards I use to pronounce it as stithapragya till recently when I heard it from you and corrected my self.
    the experiences of “detachment from results good or bad” came in phases and dissapeared leaving behind the knowledge.
    I believe unless and until the sadhguru dosenot kick the IGNORANCE out of the deciple it is never going to be possible to achive this YOGA, and this can happen only if I am a deserving one.
    And all I can offer is at this point of time is bhakti MARG.
    I have been experiencing various things from childhood, Like listening to stories from my mother about Telang swamy which eventually in the year 2007 due to office trip I happen to visit varanasi and was worshipped by a 8 ft tall and 7ft diameter shiva linga at the samadhi of Telanga swami. then again when I lost my JOB in the year 2008 jan I visited again and saw only less than half the size of the shiva linga and then enquired about it they said this was always of this size.
    Gurudev many more experiences , but the fact is I am a regular Human being with animal attributes who is working hard since many years to evolve, with no success or may be some success I donot know.
    Love you