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  1. Joyjit Banerjee says:

    Gurudev one thing is understood as in knowledge i.e. the body is an instrument for the soul to manifest its purpose / goal of the current life and the many more that could follow. And at the GROSS level without a GURU the body has no clue of any of these understandings, but leads a casual life with the help of the knowledge that he has access to, from child-hood till fully grown. After this period of time all of a sudden when he gets a GLIMS of a possibility of a SPARK of the DIVINE which is in him too, he is definitely baffled, but by then he must have created so much of opposites ( what I mean is Negative Karma ) that exercising routine minute to minute actions will by default be the same action that he has no control of. Maharishi Valmiki had a past life of being a killer, and was transformed from human to a RISHI with help of Narad.
    In this Yuga surviving in any form of life be it spiritual or material is extremely difficult, every situation becomes like DO OR DIE, One becomes so gravely involved in a situation that inspite of having experienced the bliss of the SOUL, he still repetedly makes the mistake of leaving his hand and uses his physical brain to get solutions (basically becomes impatient because of the need of the hour and still knows that this is wrong which is at the back of the mind) and Gurudev let me tell you that this is a never ending story. I very much understand that great humans or great souls evolve from these tough situation, but there is too much at stake for somany others being the reason for their greatness.

    Most of the time I feel that isolation is the only remedy for introspection , with the posibility of being calm at gross level and observing and waiting for the Souls next directon the actual way of making use of the body as instrument.

    puting down these in fine prints which comes from heart and mind, elevate me further Gurudev