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  1. Subrotho how can you say sacrificing your ahankar. Which means you consider it as a good quality and you are sacrificing it great

  2. Subroto Roy says:

    Yes indeed; everything for that matter is symbolic of the Vaishvanara. Particularlty, the fires are indeed the manifestation of this Reality. Chaandogya Upanishad deals with this well. As such this is a Vedic concept. We really need to actually realize this through meditation which a realized Guru can impart.
    I am writing this sacrificing my ahankar.
    Kayena vaacha manasaiindriyarva…Narayanayeti samarpayami.

  3. Joyjit Banerjee says:

    Gurudev It is said that Adya Maa is seated in the SUN , And I still believe that the Absolute is Aadishakti before all manifestation of the Cosmos and others that comes after that . Plus you also said that shiva is shav without shakti .

    Gurudev please enlighten me of what was in the beginning the absolute absolute.
    My knowledge is my own thought of what ever I have read which is ready to vanish after you guide me