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  1. neeraj thakur says:

    dearest SriMji… please teach me to swim please pretty please 🙂

  2. If people like me try to do that they will end up calling me mad or a blind man describing elephant

  3. Joyjit Banerjee says:

    Gurudev and for me you are my krishna my BEST FRIEND and my gurudev .

    According to me even though we generally expect miracles to follow a Guru but in this case your books are a miracle and the stories in it.

    My heart my my mind and my spirit has embraced you as guru
    And I know you will accept me only when I am ready and deserving

    But aaccording to me as I still hold the qualities at lower consciousness I feel I donot deserve to be accepted

  4. Feeling very grateful to get the answer of my email this way ! Pranam

  5. Joyjit Banerjee says:

    Gurudev you are the ONE for us