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  1. niraj thakur says:

    omnamahshivaye /\

  2. Joyjit Banerjee says:

    And Gurudev since my marriage of 19 years It has always been one women man and have no love or interest for any other women in that manner.

    fcourse before marriage I have been a spoil brat.

    and above all appart from krishna I have been an ardent devotee of Adya maa and I see her in all women even in you and my wife also and my daughter also.
    so every female young or older are mother to me.

  3. Joyjit Banerjee says:

    In my yesterdays comment I need to clearify few points, on what I meant by saying being in the lower level of consciousness.

    I have not been able to stop loving food even though I eate only 2 times a day, actually I want to come down to 1 time can’t do it, ( I am nonvegeterian from childhood) .

    I want to wake up at 4am or 4.30am, some times I succeed and most of the time I have not been able to wake up even though I donnot sleep for more than 6hours.

    and lastly My relationship with my wife is balanced some times 30 days and above most of the time it is 15days and less, according to my target I wish to stop this completely (indirect statement, cant state this directly I hope you will understand reading between the lines)

    so gurudev this is what I have meant by saying being in the lower level of consciousness

  4. Joyjit Banerjee says:

    Gurudev good morning
    I am one among the 500 emails that was sent yesterday . Notifying my critical experience with you in your physical aabsence .

    About today’s blessing if Ihave understood it correctly
    I need to be true to my self