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  1. And Sri M always say that there are more Gurus than Shishyas now a days

  2. I agree with you Joyjith but Guru can only help you to prepare. The preparation has to be done by you

  3. Freedom is mental because for freedom to happen there must be some bondage. I don’t have any guru but following your satsangs online and also other spiritual teachers I am able to live my life much peacefully than before. Everyone in our life is a guru it’s only that we don’t see it that way but sir your talks are like honey to my buzzing mind and I know you are here to help many other distracted souls like me. My salutations to the most kind master.

  4. Joyjit Banerjee says:

    Even though each ones perception holds ownership to that individual alone and who knows any thing is possible because of his or hers belief

    But as a human being my individual perception from all that I have read as contributed by the great siddhas and naths and also experienced that there are too many PIT FALLS to escape this without a guru.

    And according to me BHAKTI MARG is the best path to follow
    Because the level of acceptance imbibed in us during this process is the easiest way to IDENTIFY With The SOUL and the guru also accepts us with open Arms

    there is also an in depth understanding for this term known as GURU SHISHYA PARAMPARA
    these are Anubhavas transferred from the great Rishis may be from millions of years before to this date
    That to only to a select few

  5. We can consider God-the super power as our Guru. He can never direct you wrong.which means our Guru should be ourselves. Even though we have a physical guru it will not work 100%. He can only teach. He can not go and write the exams on our behalf. So the sucess or failure depends on how the self prepares on the journey of spiritual exam.

  6. Subroto Roy says:

    How do we know that an invisible Guru is guiding us or not?

    If one’s Guru is not in his physical body today, then how will a person know what to do and what not; what the Guru wants him to or not to do?


  7. Gurubhyo namah !

    Guruji, on similar lines kindly advise if free-will for souls does exist or everything is predestined

  8. Joyjit Banerjee says:

    For many generation in the past and future

    I believe the Guru inspires and delivers every deserving students come what may

    Ideally I also believe in Guru shishya parampars without which this is not possible
    Additionally I also believe in reincarnation where a sadhguru once found will guide the disciple in all his lives till he is delivered

  9. Joyjit Banerjee says:

    A guru as per the example that you have presented all along, and also you have the SPRIT Of KRISHNA the one who carries multiple dimension of perceiving things for each individual of this population is not to be found for