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Sri-M-24‘Mula’ which means ‘root’; ‘Adhara’ means ‘foundation’, support’. So, if you translate the word, it would mean ‘root support’ or ‘root foundation’. This means that the Energy, after doing all its work, has now settled down, and that Center, where it resides, is called Muladhara.

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  1. Sir,perfect knowlege transformation.I tried to study Panch-mahabhut”&realised a slight change in one makes others aware of the same&on this basis Climate change around earth is an indicator of what is happening,within&energy coming out in the heat form can be realised by human being&my study made me able to Predict-Killari earthquake a month in advance in1993..!my work was apreciated by Dr.Lowell Whiteside,a geophyscist at NOAA,USGS,however govt of Maharashtra&IMD dept.India were reluctant to acknowlege.Now a super Moon&total Lunar Eclipse is to take place on27/28thseptember.In my opinion it will bring seismic activity around Mexico,Peru,Chile&coastal usa,west&east.climate changes.storms in gukf of Mexico,Guatemala will bring more disasterous events.please observe,note&coment.shripad phatak,pune.

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  3. I am prostrating before thy lotus feet,hey Prabhu