Sri M said…

Let Go! The Upanishads have a beautiful saying “Tena tyaktena bhunjitha” – Let go and rejoice! Normally when you say rejoice, we have ideas of accumulating things. Here it is a completely reverse process – Let go and rejoice! It doesn’t mean you should sell everything you possess and go away. That is not the meaning. ‘Let go’ means you let go of all the things of the past and stay in the present.

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  1. Namaskar!
    Easier said than done. _How_ to “let go” when the pressures, stress, constraints and conflicts of today are very obvious and clear results of the decisions and actions of the past?
    And irrespective of what actions and decisions are taken today, the future seems bleak and murkier?

    Just accept to suffer in silence? Prayer, Namasmaran, Meditation may give some peace of mind – even temporarily divert from the problems around (even knowing it is a Maya) – but they will not change the circumstances or resolve the problems. Then what is the way forward?

    Best regards

  2. Asha Dixit says:

    खुप छान समजावून सांगितले आहे.
    दर्शनासाठी येण्याची तीव्र इच्छा आहे, कृपया प्रार्थना स्वीकार व्हावी.
    ॐ क्रिया बाबाजी नमः ॐ

  3. Amit pingle says:

    Thankyou, that can help us to recover from past hurts

  4. Indiira says:

    Sri gurubho namahs
    Very nicely explained. Thank you. Namaskaram