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  1. I have read in Bhagavad-Gita and have heard many other people say that in this kaliyuga bhakthi yoga or developing taste for pure love of God is the easiest and fastest path towards eternal and infinite bliss and liberation from the cycle of birth and rebirth through repeated chanting of the holy names of the god following the lifestyle of the bhakthi saint poets of medieval India than practicing pranayam,mudra or kriya yoga or even meditation.How much this is correct and would I get liberation by following this bhakthi path?

  2. Yesss… trying to do this..,, but do not know if some steps to be followed..please advise .

  3. Ya, for that we need someone like master to guide , why our voice of help in this spiritual part of life reaching to gurumandal, or feeling our life getting wasted.

  4. Varsha Gokhale. says:

    Good morning and Thanks Sir!!
    This is so inspiring, otherwise people like me keep on doubting whether we have a chance at This..
    These posts help us tremendously and encourage us.