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Sri-M-2When you say you follow the teachings, it does not mean you can sit everyday and close your eyes for hours together – not that the mind is still – and think that you have done the job. The spiritual teaching includes looking after people, who are less privileged and who are suffering; unless you do that, I do not think that you can sit and meditate. It’s not possible. Well, you can go into a hypnotic trance and think that you have gone into meditation, but you have to improve your life, you have to become less self-centered. Move outside your self.

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  1. All meditation should be done with unselfish motivation. Even if it looks like one is just sitting through one life, it has tremendous effect to the next and benefits beings then. When mind is not sharpened through meditation all helping is only a fraction of what it could be once you are properly trained.

  2. Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah

    Aspiring for an opportunity to fulfil this long awaited desire at your Lotus Feet.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for these words. I very much needed to hear this.

    Best wishes,