Sri M said…

Sri-MYou think you are this little pool of stagnant water that stands in the way with no movement whatsoever. The Guru says, “Look, my dear fellow, you are a lion, you are not a goat. You aren’t this little pond of stagnant water. You are the ocean. So, don’t live under the illusion that you are limited. You are the unlimited.”

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  1. Ashit
    Have you ever thought that you alone are divine.
    Sit still and be in that thought, repeat I am God and surely all will be shown to you my love.

  2. My Beloved Guru,

    Please be kind and bless s with light of the wisdom answers.

    1. Why is it so easy to believe that we are limited and so difficult to realize that we are unlimited ?

    1. I agree that we have been addicted from limitless time, but why does the ‘un’-clinging takes such an effort as if we were beings of limited strength?
    When with your blessings I become enlightened, Can I gift easy enlightenment to the worlds ? Will it be in my power to absorb or destroy negative Karmas of beings out of compassion? Does Enlightened being need to follow Karmic rules for sake of some reason? Why don’t already enlightened beings turn all the guns to flowers and end terror, establish Dharma ? If as an enlightened being we can’t do this for sentient beings then what is the point of being enlightened ?

    2. Is the switching between (“Ignorance” and our true nature “Brahman”), “clinging or progressing” eventually a role play without a reason that is logical?
    Is existence merely entertainment of the supreme “I” ?

    P.S I am also sending a copy through email. Please advise if you think it is the right time to learn this for this.

  3. It is good to here such a wonderfull message. I hope the walk is going well and the toes are not feeling to much pain. Here life is being celebrated. Soon the UK is to be like India partitiond. The walk through England will not be so long!