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Sri-M-6What you want to do as you are, without fear of what the public is going to say, is fearlessness. Fearlessness is not going and foolishly facing a bomb. It is not fearlessness; rather it is stupidity. Fearlessness is, “I have decided to walk the path, I have decided to follow some principles, and I have decided to follow a certain way of life. No matter what anybody says, I am going to do it!” This is fearlessness.

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  1. Thanks.
    Bhagavat gita ch.xiii verse 2& gita ch.xv verse 15 are in conformity. But ch.ix verse 4;5;6 are not in conformity with the above. Please throw some light on these.

  2. Balmurali Balchandran says:

    Jai gurudev. Like what Mahatma Gandhi said.
    First they riducule you, then they criticise you and then they respect you.
    To add they are doing a favour on you as this forms the test paper in your journey of fearlessness. Jai Maa narayana
    Balmurali Balchandran

  3. vaswati raychaudhuri says:

    pranams . absolute faith also helps

  4. Debajyoti chattopadhyay says: