Sri M said…

Sri-M-happinessThe path that has been described by all the important teachers, unfortunately, happens to be narrow, not because of any narrowness in thinking but because the other paths are so wide and inviting that it is very tempting to go off on those paths, so much so that they are all highways. In contrast, this is a little path going up, maybe a ‘pugdandi raasta’.

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  1. Jayashree says:

    The given life padayathra of mine mentally connected but geographically on a different terrain your words help me to do it with same spirit

  2. niranjan reddy says:

    Sir iwant to know how to make my mind calm pur and enlightened and i want a healthy to become a true disciple in this material world to get a true master.

  3. When a player in the game starts to write the rules , he forgets the master.
    The game and the rules and the players are all the master,the players believe it is their game they are so excited to play.
    However they can only play their positions.
    Give up the idea you can think your way to God or you know his rules.
    He can make and break the rules,the players have no idea this is happening.
    Faith and trust is all that is needed.

  4. Agreed…..

    I believe that this Pug Dandi Raasta is very tough, which requires more and more Focus on the path traveled, but again can be easily traveled when we have our
    Guruji with us, on the same Raasta.

    The Same Pug Dandi Raasta will be the best shortcut to realize the supreme consciousness / attain Bliss / enhance our total energy.

    When Guruji lead this pug dandi Raasta for us, Our Soul leads us the way and not mind / heart.