The 2017 Himalayan Retreat | An Update from the Organising Team

Thank you for your overwhelming response ! We have already gone into the waiting list!

Please do not panic after submitting form 1 – we are going systematically down the list, it takes time – every applicant will hear from us – please wait patiently.

Few clarifications are due from our side

1. There are NO activities organised outside the normal retreat schedule. So far, visit to the places mentioned in Sri M’s book has not been worked out as we are in a remote area.

2. We are 45 mins away from Rishikesh – no village, shops, Ganga, or any kind of entertainment around us.

3. Not a place for children as they have nothing to do on the camp – it is wild – no proper wall, barbed wire fencing, no play-area… hence we strongly advise to avoid bringing children – as they will need adult monitoring.

4. We stated “for the physically fit” for the following reasons:

a) The terrain is uneven, rocky and slopes downward to satsang area. People with walking difficulties may find it uncomfortable

b) The accommodation is on different levels hence there are steps to battle with to reach the dining area and a longish walk to the satsang area

c) Although we have been promised generator backup – we may still have a problem with electricity…

d) We have been promised hot water – but with a group as large as ours – it may not be possible for all to receive it on time

e) The common toilets are temporarily erected portable types

f) Laundry service not available

That’s the kind of roughing out to expect.

However, there is a HUGE benefit too! We shall have quiet un-distracted Satsangs, walks and laughter with Sri M for 4 days!


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    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have filled in the Form 1 for the The Himalayan Retreat for both my wife Sudha and myself on Mon 15.05.2017. We are eagerly awaiting your response.

    With best regards,

  2. This is a humble request to include me also in the retreat group considering my participation in the Walk of Hope. I had eagerly attended and participated in the Walk Of Hope at 12 cities in India viz. Kochi- Kodungallur, Koilandy to tellichery, Mysore to Mandya, Bangalore, Pune, Sirdi, Nasik, Ahemdabad, Bhopal, Varanasi, Delhi & Amritsar. But I was not fortunate to talk or spend some time with Sri M. I wish and pray I could talk to SriM………….With regards & love KK Pran

  3. Take me too