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  1. Shri. M has sent a message to the world that ” Hindu culture and its tradition is the best to apply and practice”….thus making all Indians pride and happy.

  2. Vaidehi Srinivas says:

    Our Honorable President Sri.Pranab Mukherjee is blessed to meet Sir on one to one


    I got the book’The Journey Continues’ on line Amazon India , as it was not available in US just after 2 to 3 days when the book was launched in India .

    Many things were beyond the comprehension of this physical mind . But it was an eye opener that there is more to this physical existence.

    Hopefully some one will guide me through the path into the path untraveled .
    My sincere Pranaam to Shri M a great soul who has shared his experiences with mortal beings like us. Hope to meet him when time comes .

    A million thanks for the gift of the experiences shared in this book.

    with warmest regards.