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  1. Please add my email for al further updates. Have been trying to contact satsang foundation.

  2. Pranam Guruji.I. Happy MahaShivratri

  3. Nita v shukla says:

    Heartily thanks to all the organisers of ‘Live Mahashivaratri Celebration’. Mentally & vitally, I felt myself at the auspicious feet of Sri M. …..’ The Breathing Touch Of ‘ BABAJI’. My Pranams to Sri M.

  4. shri gurubhyo namaha,

    Many thanks for all who made the live streaming possible with his grace. Was feeling bad that I could not attend. With this arrangement I feel his grace has reached us.
    God bless,


    Namaskaram Shri M

    Such a tranquil Music. Feeling the peacefulness.

    Thank you and I bow down to the great soul.

    Want to have a soulful experience and continue to walk on the spiritual path that will carry me ahead till my consciousness meets the Super Consciousness.
    Very Thankful to the whole support team for the live streaming and the organizers. and of couse Shri M’s blessings are always with all of us.
    Vande Matram . Jai Guru Pranamam

  6. Poornima sb says:

    Wanted to tune with my Babaji as soon as possible.

  7. Nita v shukla says:

    Please,join me with live Mahashivratri celebration of Sri M.,’The Living Breath of BABAJI’

  8. GOOD taught

  9. Thank you volunteers for arranging the live streaming.

  10. Want to be connected to my Baba

  11. Sajeev Kailashi says:

    Tomorow I will start from here to join the programme. already booked with accomodation.

  12. N S Krishnan says:


  13. Sri Gurubhyo Namaha!
    thank you for the link

    Heartfelt pranams
    Uma Eswaran

  14. Pranam Babaji,
    Om Sri Gurubhyo Namaha..

    Love and Gratitude at your holy feet..

    Was thinking if live streaming on Mahasivaratri would be so graceful for all of us who are outside India and couldn’t travel..

    Just received email confirming live streaming on the special day/night.. Thank you all volunteers for making this happen..

    Love to all… Gratitude to his holy feet..

  15. Am unable to attend would like watch live if possible

  16. Thanks and noted programme , people who are interested are permitted for satsang? without any registration on this day. if permitted i will convey message to all who are interested to attend with there own arrangements for accommodation and food. kindly message me to go further .