Now Available : The Upanishads by Sri M ( USB – Audio )

The Upanishads-USB

A USB – The Upanishads by Sri M has been launched which is an audio-only media.

The collection of talks by Sri M on various Upanishads includes – ‘Ishavasya, Kena, Katha, Mandukya,’ and a talk by Sri M on his understanding of the essence of the Upanishads – ‘What Upanishads Mean to Me’ and also a bonus track – a Bhajan by Sri M – ‘Purandara Ranga’.

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  1. dr rahul kackar says:

    from where can the pen drive be purchaced and are there any prctical lessons on yoga or the practices to be done ?

    thank you

  2. Hi
    Thanks for this. Where to buy it?
    Also I want to listen to the Bhagwad Geeta talks. Can they be combined in one USB?

  3. Ganesh Tj says:

    How can I get some videos and USB