Riverview Retreat | A new initiative from The Satsang Foundation


Important Notice: The Retreat Centre at Panchgani will not be operational from 31st August 2018. Bookings will be only up till then.

Riverview Retreat in Panchgani is a scenic place overlooking the River Krishna. This Retreat is meant for those seeking a quiet space to contemplate and reflect, inviting one to ‘be’ in meditative solitude. The availability of a small collection of books, audio/video CDs and DVDs may provide an input to one’s enquiry.


With no more than 5-6 people in the house at a given time, there is ample privacy with options for interactions, dialogues and nature walks. Simple, homemade, vegetarian meals are shared in the dining room.


Camping facilities for about 20 – 25 participants are available on the farm for Yoga and Education camps, Workshops, Internship projects and Group Retreats. This space has been specially designed to facilitate experiential learning.


Riverview Retreat is located in Taighat Village. One of the objectives of The Satsang Foundation is to provide service through community welfare projects. We support an ongoing crafts initiative located on the farm , which works towards empowerment of local women by offering them an opportunity to earn as well as be educated in the aesthetics of crafts. At present the participants have been trained in Embroidery, Handmade Quilts, Bed Spreads and other daily use items. Friends and volunteers support this modest effort by sharing their skills and you are welcome to be a part of this community venture while at the Retreat.

For those wishing to book a room at the retreat, the months of March to May are good to get away from the heat of the plains, June to October are ideal for those who enjoy the rains and the period from mid October to mid May is ideal for camping in close proximity to nature.

For inquiries and bookings please contact –

Email : riverviewpanchgani@satsang-foundation.org
Dr (Ms) Tejinder Walia – + 91 98232 71502
Mr. C N Bhushan – + 91 93412 54570

How to reach Panchgani

Panchgani is about a 100 kms away from Pune and is well connected by road. Local buses and taxis are available from Pune Railway Station.

Private services (Volvo) are available from Aundh & Nigadhi in the early morning hours. Travel time is generally about 3.5 to 4 hours by bus and 2.5 hours by car.

Getting to Riverview Retreat

“Vimaltej”, 26/8. Taighat Wadi, P.O Panchgani, Dist Satara, Maharashtra 412805.

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  1. मी आत्ता श्री एम ह्यांचं हिमालयवासी गुरुच्या योगी शिष्याचे आत्मकथन वाचत आहे. मला आपल्याला भेटायची मनापासून इच्छा आहे. मार्ग सांगावा.

  2. Roopa Mudliar says:


    Please guide how can i get initiated by sri m in meditation tried so many places but dissappointed by these commercial gurus

    Warm regds


  3. BPPutran says:

    I would like to join Hrishikesh joshimutt conclave in October 2018 is the registration open? Pls guide me
    Ohm sri Gurubyo Namaha
    B.P. Putran
    Indian number 98450-66660

  4. Susie Morales says:

    Hello. My name is Susie Morales, I am from Mexico, I am already a Kriyaban by Yogoda Satsanga and I have followed my beloved Guru Paramahansa Yogananda for many years. I need to give myself more fully to my practice, and that’s why I went to India last year in the hope of establishing myself for long periods in an ashram or a retreat. I found obstacles to do this, like the unavailability of accomodation for single women traveling alone in Yogoda’s ashrams and retreats. I understand this traditional arrangement but it left me few options. After finding out about Sri M and I have watched and listened to almost everything that is in the Web. I am very drawn to him by the fact that he is of the lineage of Mahavatar Babaji, and of course I am expressing here my utter respect to Sri M as an enlightened one. It would be of great importance to me to sustain a conversation with him by mail and if this could be arranged I would be grateful. My goal is to stay for a long period in River Retreat, but there are many aspects of this project that I would have to sort out before defining its viability. I thank you very much for your attention to my request and I will be expecting your answer. En amistad divina. SM

  5. Radhakrishnan says:

    Ohm Nama shivaayaa
    I wanted to learn kriya yoga. Can you please be kind enough to guide me as to the process.

    Thanking you
    Kind Regards


  6. Hi
    I would like to know more about retreat like the schedule and cost

  7. jayanthi jayaraman says:

    Namaste. Would like to know his visit to chennai. After reading his book, would like to meet him earnestly. Many thanks. To meet the living legend asap. Please

    Thanks and warm regards/ jayanthi

  8. ॥ अवधूत चिंतन श्री गुरुदेव दत ||..

  9. Tejinder walia says:

    Dear Neeti

    Please contact Lakshmsk@gmail.com.

    Best Wishes

  10. Neeti Gupta says:

    I have read A apprenticed to Himalayan Master twice.

    I am from Delhi/NCR and would like to know about the possibility of meeting Sri M in near future in Delhi/NCR area.

  11. Tejinder walia says:

    Dear Mahantesh

    On the Home page please press the “Contact us” button and fill the form and send it.


  12. Mahantesh says:

    I want to learn kriya yoga meditation

  13. Tejinder walia says:

    Dear Suresh
    Sorry to have missed your message. Please contact me at +91 9823271502. I too will try reaching you on your number.
    With prayers and best wishes

  14. Hi,
    i’m suresh and my wife is beena, we are from kerala.
    i would to know how we can join your meditation and yoga class.
    i have some family problems specially i lost my son few months ago.
    kindly give us your contact number.
    looking forward your quick response.

    0097150 6293108

  15. Tejinder walia says:

    Dear Shijo

    sorry your question is not clear.


  16. Tejinder walia says:

    Dear Rahul

    please contact me at the number 9823271502.


  17. Hi,

    I would like to get further information the retreat .

    1. Overall schedule
    2. activities involved
    3. Does Mr. M will join is in any of the activities
    4. Cost

    Because he lives in madanapalle , i am not sure he will come to pune.


  18. i am from kerlala please inform about the mediaition 9633960142

  19. Age 49
    want to change

  20. N.B.BADAVE says:

    i am from pandharpur . i want to join kriya yoga camp please inform me
    mobile no. 9657645564

  21. SN MISHRA says:

    I am very much inclined to master Sri M. I want to learn meditation . Is there is any center of Sri M in ODISHA ?
    Thank You.

    sn mishra

  22. Raghuvir says:

    Hi, I read an article about Shri M in Navbharat times, 28th February 2016. My deep thought from my childhood is that if a person taking money from you for teaching how to meditate, then it is a pure business, and if there is business, then you cannot achieve your goal, i.e. meditation.
    The same version said by Shri M in the above article and I really impress with him.
    I eagerly want to do meditate. I tried many times by myself, but always failed.
    I am living in Delhi and want to lean meditation by Shri M only.
    Can you suggest me please how is this possible.

    Thanks in advance

  23. I want to meet Sri M. When and Where I can meet him. I stay in Mumbai. I don’t mind if I have to travel to Karnataka.


  24. how will get a master

  25. Sanjay Bose says:

    Dear sir,
    Please tell me how to book room and what is expense.
    Sanjay Bose

  26. I want to learn kriya yoga ..pl inform about it and its centre in k’tak

    • Tejinder walia says:

      Kriya-Yoga is taught by Sri M . At present he is on a Padayatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, till May 2016. You may contact him thereafter. In the meanwhile you may consider joining the Padayatra. The details are available on http://www.walkofhope.in.

  27. kausallya v v says:

    please inform about the centres in kerala..

  28. Tejinder walia says:

    Now that the Padayatra has reached Maharshtra. We invite the Satsangis and the Padayatris to take an opportunity to visit the retreat.