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January 24, 2011 2 Comments


Book on guru-shishya practice released
Charu Singh
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, January 24
“This is an astounding book replete with miracles, meetings with masters, description of higher levels of consciousness and spiritual attainment, it is a rather strange tale,” says Dr Karan Singh after releasing the book, Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master: A Yogi’s autobiography, authored by Sri M or Mumtaz Ali.

Dr Karan Singh further adds that, “You need a willing suspension of disbelief to read this book and it is a first hand example of the guru shishya parampara. The book has a listing of the most extraordinary experiences and the author involves stories from the lives of different spiritual masters in this book. Reading this book is an educational experience and this will prove to be a very valuable book for spiritual seekers.

” The book is an unfolding of an unusual story and the autobiography tells the story of the metamorphosis of Mumtaz Ali Khan into an accomplished yogi with profound knowledge of the Upanishads and has had first hand experiences of higher levels of consciousness.

Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit commented on the book saying that, “Shri M’s book brings out the truth of a really and truly extraordinary personality. I really recommend that each one of us should read the book.” Sri M’s story begins when as a youth he felt deeply drawn to the Himalayas and left home and travelled there. In the Himalayas, at the Vyasa cave beyond Badrinath he met his master Babaji Maheshwarnathji and with him he travelled the length and breadth of the Himalayas experiencing higher states of consciousness, witnessing miracles and he had many unique experiences.

Former HRD Minister Murli Manohar Joshi comments, “This book is about the sheer miracle and dynamism of cosmic consciousness, a medium which is the sphere of yogis. This book gives you many personal experiences that confirm cosmic consciousness.”

The author commented at the release that, “Until now I have held most of the experiences written in this book close to my heart, never giving more than close to a hint even to my closest friends.

However, I felt that I had no right to deny what I had experienced to people, so after deliberating a great deal I reluctantly began to write this book.” Sri M further adds that, “I wrote it because it occurred to me that I should write what I experienced and leave it to the reader to reject or accept. Another fact that persuaded me to write is that after an “Autobiography of a Yogi” was written by Shri Yogananda I felt there were very few other spiritual autobiographies and I felt impelled to write this book.”

Sri M said, “This book is about spirituality which has to be differentiated from religion and I wrote it keeping in mind the spiritual seeker. It reveals many spiritual truths for the discerning spiritual seeker.” Sri M is a social activist, an educationist and a crusader of inter-religious harmony with a deep knowledge of world religions. He recently founded the Sarva Dharam Kendra in Bangalore as a center for promoting inter-religious harmony.

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