Shakti – Embracing womanhood

Dates: 8th March (International Women’s Day) to 17th March, 2023
Duration: 10 days

A wellness programme designed by ĀrogyaM especially for women, Shakti addresses hormonal imbalance and menstrual disorders through Yoga and Ayurveda. This programme will help you understand your body, and help the endocrine system to balance hormonal activity for better health and adaptability through the changes from adolescence to menopause and beyond.

Shakti begins with a detailed consultation with our Vaidya to understand how your body functions. Shakti comprises of the following components:

Abhyanga – Synchronised Ayurvedic massage involving medicated oils administered by two therapists.
Annalepa – Traditional Ayurvedic treatment involving medicated Shashtika rice cooked in milk that is applied in a rhythmic fashion all over the body. This is a blood purifier, strengthens nerves and musculature, and brings about deep cleansing and is a calming therapy.
Udvarthana – A massage involving various herbal powders applied on the body in a reverse direction for better lymphatic drainage. Classically suggested for weight management and toning of the body.
Matra Vasti – Enema using medicated oils which are classical Ayurvedic preparations.
Svedana – Perspiring using herbal medicated steam.
Yoga – Yogasanas and Pranayama that specifically target menstrual disorders and hormonal imbalance.

If stress is one of the contributing factors of irregularity in menstruation, treatments like Shirodhara will be administered, along with Yoga Nidra and meditation techniques.

Who will benefit from Shakti?

Women from Menarche to Menopause

  • who have menstrual disorders
  • who have hormonal imbalance due to high levels of stress or gynaecological problems
  • who have skin issues and pigmentation due to hormonal imbalance
  • who wish to address weight-related problems due to hormonal imbalance
  • who wish to improve their overall health

Experience and enjoy the Shakti in you.


Treatments won’t be administered on women’s special days.
All the programs at ĀrogyaM are customised and may be altered a little depending on individual health profiles.

Cost: ₹59,000/- per person, includes the treatments and consultations above, accommodation on twin-sharing basis, and food. Prescription medications are not included in the cost.

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