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    5 July 2020

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    As per Program

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Guru Purnima is the occasion of paying respect to the Gurus; you should not imagine that we are paying respect to one Guru. Actually, Guru Purnima is for paying your respect to all teachers, all Gurus both in the inner as well as the outer world. It is actually to show our deep respect and love for the teacher who has brought us from darkness into light.

– Sri M

The Nath Tradition

The Naths are an ancient order founded by Shiv Mahadev who is also known as Adinath. The next teacher was the great Matsyendranath, who was the teacher of the famous Gorakhnath. The yogi called Balaknath in the Nath tradition, because he always appeared like a teenager is none other than my master Sri Guru Babaji.

The Naths were yogis par excellence. All the important works on yoga, like the Goraksha Shataka, the Gheranda Samhita, the Hathayoga Pradipika, and so on were written by Nath yogis. The asanas, pranayama, kriya yoga, bandhas, and mudras were practiced and perfected by them.

They were usually itinerant yogis and were popularly called Kaanphatas or torn eared ones because they punctured the cartilage of their ears and wore large earrings as I (Maheshwarnath Babaji) do. You don’t have to because you have to go back to the world and live like an ordinary man.

The Naths light Dhunis wherever they live. You are given special permission. You need not keep a Dhuni burning always because the nature of your work is such. You may light a Dhuni on special occasions if you wish to.

– An excerpt from Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master – A Yogi’s Autobiography by Sri M

Sri M chants the Pure Sound of Om and the Guru Mantra

Meditative Chants – The Guru Mantra – (108 chants) by Sri M

Guru Purnima on 5th July 2020 – Programme

The programme will be broadcast live on our digital platforms and will be open for all.

10.30 AM (IST)– Online Satsang with Sri M – Live telecast
11.30 AM – Virtual Pranams & Bhajans
05.30 PM – Online Meditation with Sri M
06.00 PM – Lighting of Dhuni by Sri M-Live telecast
06.30 PM – Virtual Pranams & Bhajans
08.30 PM – Program concludes

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