Rejuvenation of Ram Talab, South Delhi

“If the tortoise species has come to the water body, then it means the water body is fully restored and the ecosystem is excellent.”

–  Ms. Supraja Dharini of Tree Foundation – Expert on Tortoises and Their Conservation.

The restoration and rejuvenation of water bodies is a vital objective of the Satsang Jal Seva Sangatan (SJSS). One such water body which was recently restored by the Jal Sevaks of Team SJSS Delhi was the Ram Talab, an ancient water body which is part of Sanjay Van, a 433-acre urban forest in South Delhi. This project was launched in the presence of Sri M on 22nd March, 2022 on World Water Day.

Years of neglect had contaminated the pond water with visible toxic algae formation. The rejuvenation of the pond through sustainable natural bio-enzyme method is being supported by technical partners BINT BIOTECH, Delhi Development Authority (DDA), and the Guru Gorakhnath Ji Temple Trust.

The objective of this project is multi-pronged and aims at ensuring clean water throughout the year along with natural recharging of the pond with rain water. Due to the pond’s proximity to Sanjay Van, developing the area as a natural ecosystem is imperative for the sustenance of the natural habitat of many species of flora and fauna. The challenge, however, stems primarily from the adjoining communities which use the pond to immerse idols, photos of various gods, and puja items.

During 2023, Team SJSS Delhi has envisaged activities such as raising of community-level awareness through banners and signages, and by providing an alternate space for the locals to dispose of their religious icons in a respectful way. Landscaping and planting of trees and herb gardens will also be undertaken when the awareness campaign is completed.

This initiative has been covered widely in the national media by India Today, Aaj Tak, various digital and other web-based platforms. 

As of January 2023, the water is being cleaned every few weeks and is filled with fish and turtles which seem to have made a comeback.  

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