Swaasthya Hospital – an update

Swaasthya Hospital is an initiative of Sri M, a spiritual master, social reformer and an educationist. Health was added as an initiative of the Satsang foundation in order to foster the well-being of the needy and the poor. Moved by the predicament of the tribals, particularly during the time of Covid, Sri M had decided to set up a hospital to provide state-of-the-art medical care at Madanapalli.

 One of the main areas of focus of this hospital includes mother and child health apart from other specialities. Mothers are the creators of human life and they need special attention undoubtedly. Women as such are prone to variety of health issues right from childhood until old age. Puberty and related problems, infertility, pregnancy, family planning and all assisted issues, menopause, and cancers involving the cervix, uterus and breast are steadily increasing across the country.

 In addition, lack of proper medical advice, improper nutrition, anaemia, hormonal imbalances, and osteoporosis can complicate the underlying illnesses. Lack of hygiene, awareness and timely diagnosis and treatment can result in poor outcomes. Pregnancy though appears as a happy situation can have innumerable problems. Pregnancy induced diabetes, hypertension, obesity, most of the times malnutrition, various infections, depression, lack of periodic screening, proper medication and assistance during delivery can lead to serious complications for both the mother as well the child. A new born baby needs special care till the confirmed viability. All these are in away responsible for the unacceptable maternal and infant mortality in this country. Many are not even able access such care even today.


The mother and child unit will address all these health challenges at one go, providing the best facility for screening, vaccination, diagnosis and treatment proving not only health but also safety to the mother and child. A segment of the hospital is dedicated exclusively for this purpose. It encompasses out-patient consultations, laboratory support, ultrasound prenatal screening, and early diagnosis of all underlying medical conditions. Pregnant women will get special care to address all their relevant problems. There will be a pre-labour room where they will be first admitted while in labour and their vitals monitored and assisted deliveries will be conducted in the labour room with proper medical assistance and under the guidance of experts. The babies will have instant evaluations and resuscitation whenever needed. This is very essential to avoid not only infant mortality but also to reduce brain damage to avoid long term disability. Timely intervention can avoid permanent brain damage and thereby reducing cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy and mental retardation. Both mother and child are prone to a variety of complications in the early days following delivery. All those can be effectively addressed or avoided by timely care. All the necessary infrastructure needed are planned and provided such as special cots, monitors, ventilators, and infant warmers. Even complicated pregnancies can be handled by caesarean section. The immediate surgical facility can be life saving for both mother and the child apart from supporting the quality of life. The facility is well equipped to deal with all other women’s gynaecological problems also from time to time. Cancer screening and early detection are known to save many lives.

This initiative will immensely help all those who hail particularly from the backward and tribal areas in and around Madanapalli. Generally, women are neglected when it comes to health, more so in these backward communities. A dedicated team will also provide out-reach programmes to the respective villages and offer education and awareness, vaccination and distribution of medicines. With such vision and implementation, the overall women’s health must improve undoubtedly apart from modifying the present health indices.

The unit is almost ready and we are striving to provide best of its quality equipment. It is our earnest desire to achieve all the objectives for which the Centre is being established. To achieve such high quality of standards we need help and support in terms of finances, equipment, manpower and maintenance. We look forward for your contributions in any form deemed suitable to achieve this goal. Your generosity will be appreciated and duly acknowledged.

About The Satsang Foundation

The Satsang Foundation, founded by Sri M, is a meeting point for spiritual seekers of all persuasions. The Satsang Foundation also extends a helping hand to the less privileged of society.