Swastha is one, whose physiological processes are balanced, and the mind, spirit and sense organs are in a state of peace and clarity.

Arogyam – The Wellness Centre

ArogyaM is Sri M’s vision of bringing the goodness of Ayurveda and Yoga together for inculcating a holistic way of living,

At ArogyaM, the health and wellness programs are based on Ayurvedic therapies, along with Asanas and Pranayama under the supervision of doctors and yoga experts. Programs and therapies focus on the wellness of body and mind – adequate detoxification and destress, to correct the imbalance created due to one’s diet and lifestyle. They are aimed not only at relaxation and rejuvenation but also to prepare the body and mind for spiritual progress.  The serene surroundings are conducive for healing and the journey inward.

Healthy body and a calm mind are the tarmac for exploring higher realms of consciousness.

Swasthasya Swaasthyam rakshanam
aaturawya vikara prashamanam ca

Preserve the health of the healthy and mitigate the suffering of the ailing;  is the philosophy of Ayurveda, life science, practiced at ArogyaM.

The Dhanwantri Temple

Dhanwantri, the Adideva or the first divine being that rose from the milky ocean is the lord of healing, holding the amrita kumbha or pot of nectar. He is the Lord of Ayurveda and his beautiful form is enshrined in the tamarind courtyard of ArogyaM.

Explore the ArogyaM Campus

ArogyaM is located within the Sacred Grove – Center for exploring consciousness, at Chowdepalle, Andhra Pradesh, 29 km away from The Satsang Foundation Ashram in Madanapalle.

The Wellness Center is nestled in the midst of 17 acres of land, surrounded by hills and paddy fields, fruit orchards and sacred trees, thereby providing a calm and serene environment for outer and inner wellbeing.

The centre has two separate treatment rooms for men and women, rooms for residence and reception area.

Wellness, the Natural Way

Programs Offered

Traditional ayurvedic treatments like poorva karma, panchakarma and pashchat karma are done by experienced therapists under the supervision of the resident vaidya. GMP certified ayurvedic aushadhis from Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal and Vaidyaratnam are used at ArogyaM.

There are 4 Wellness programs that have been thoughtfully put together to address basic detoxification, de-stress and health needs. For participating, please write to us at wellnesscenter@satsang-foundation.org


A 10-day basic detoxification program for all



A 10-day de-stress program ideal for professionals



A 15-day weight management program



A weekend program for rest and rejuvenation



A wellness programme designed by ĀrogyaM especially for women



For Age-related Aches and Pains and Sports Injuries



Preparation for welcoming a new life



A detox programme involving beautification through Ayurveda



A detailed and intensive Panchakarma-based programme


Customise your Wellness Program

At ArogyaM customised treatment packages are designed to address your specific problems and concerns. In addition to consultation at ArogyaM, online consultations with our Ayurvedic physician are also available.

Please write to us at wellnesscenter@satsang-foundation.org

Experience Natural Healing

During the programs, people experience healing through time tested traditional Ayurvedic treatments and therapies in a serene and scenic natural setting, daily yoga practices, theory of Yoga and Ayurveda, an introduction to healthy routines of food and lifestyle and experience living in close proximity to nature.


Simple, freshly cooked vegetarian diet in accordance with the principles of Ayurveda is served at Santrupti, the dining hall.


Trained staff and well ventilated treatment rooms that are regularly cleaned & sanitized. Wherever appropriate, disposables are used.

For participating in the well-being programs offered at ArogyaM, please write to us at wellnesscenter@satsang-foundation.org or Call us on +91 8340932384.

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ArogyaM Updates

Abhyanga – Oleation of the body in Ayurveda

Ayurveda,the ancient science of life and day to day living lays great emphasis on ‘Dinacharya’,or daily routines, for preserving the health of the healthy. Oleation of the body is an important aspect of Dinacharya, and is termed Abhyanga.


Beat the Heat : Stay Cool in Summer

With temperatures soaring above normal in many regions, the scorching sun poses significant health challenges. Amidst this sweltering environment, ancient practices of Yoga and Ayurveda offer invaluable wisdom to help maintain coolness and well-being.


Yoga and Ayurveda – The Intimate Link

We understand that there are only three ways in which we can engage this body-mind-spirit complex called the human being with himself and the world and beyond. The three ways are through the mind [which include the organs of sense], through words, and through actions [involving organs of action]. 


Pregnancy and Women’s Health through Ayurveda

Conception or Garbhadharana is detailed in the Shareerasthana of the classical texts of Ayurveda called the Samhitas. The first chapter is called ‘Garbhavakranti’, and may be translated as embryology.


Dinacharya-daily routine for a healthy life-3

After vyayama, one is to bathe in tepid water or warm water, and advised to be seated during the bath. This is to avoid any injury that may be caused by losing one’s balance or slipping in the mix of water and oil.


Dinacharya-daily routine for a healthy life-2

After brushing of teeth, tongue cleaning has been explained thus in the “ashtangasangraha”. With sunset, the metabolic and catabolic activities of the body begin to slow down, and like the setting sun, the fire in our body that aids all processing, dies down to its embers in preparation for the restful night.