A Personal Message from Sri M to Ms.Lakshmi Bhatia


Dear Lakshmi,
I am calling off this affair of devotees’ experiences etc. I thought people were just jotting down their experiences for private reference. Now this looks like a publication and publicity.
I am a publicity-shy person as far as spiritual experiences of my friends and associates are concerned(note that I don’t use the word devotees).
I know you are working along the lines of the Satya Sai thing. Well I don’t want that to happen. I don’t want to be deified and be made into a figure based on people’s fertile imagination.
Also all spiritual experiences are private and sacred and not to be bandied about.
So all dramatic presentations are fraught with danger.
So please write to all your friends that I have unconditionally withdrawn the permission to write their experiences in book form or any other format and publicise it.
I think it was a mistake to have agreed to your proposal out of affection for you not thinking of what this would lead to.
I don’t need this and nor does a sincere Sadhak who is looking for spiritual progress.
So, Sorry and it’s off. No questions.
This message of mine will be put on the website so that people don’t take the trouble of working on it.
Love and many blessings.

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