My Bhoomi Movement sustains innate connection with Mother Earth

Be down to earth.  By keeping your feet on the ground, much can be sorted out.

-Sri M


The My Bhoomi movement stands as a beacon of environmental stewardship, dedicated to caring for Mother Earth, and tackling air, soil, and ocean pollution.


In its inaugural phase, the My Bhoomi movement has galvanized a dynamic paradigm to combat plastic pollution as a cornerstone of its mission encompassing sustainable living, plastic waste reduction, soil conservation, and community engagement.


Making significant strides in the first half of Year 2024, the My Bhoomi movement has aligned its course with initiatives such as cleaning drives, collaborations with like-minded NGOs, and the empowerment of less privileged communities for the creation of sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic.

Bhoomi Bags

Bhoomi Bags are made from natural, biodegradable fibres such as cotton and canvas or repurposed from old or scrap  fabrics (including old clothes) which would otherwise end up in the landfills.  Envisaged as a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags, these bags are “made with the purpose” of not just preventing the flow of plastic into the environment but also providing gainful employment as much as possible to less privileged communities and self-help groups, creators of these bags. The Aviral Godavari Mission’s vision of a plastic waste free Nashik is already taking shape with the decision to distribute cloth bags to the pilgrims and visitors at Trimbakeshwar, Nashik.

Key Partnership with TAA’s  SagarMitra Programme

In a pivotal partnership, the My Bhoomi team has joined forces with SagarMitra, an initiative of The Academic Advisors (TAA), dedicated to plastic waste management. Through collaborative efforts and training sessions, volunteers aim to sensitize school children across India about the pervasive problem of plastic pollution, its detrimental effects on the riverine and marine ecosystems, and the importance of safe disposal and recycling of clean plastic waste. The innate eco-consciousness of the children is channelized to mobilize a transformational shift in their communities, nurturing a generation committed to protecting our planet from the scourge of plastic pollution. It is estimated that a single family’s action can allow 1,500 kg of biodegradable waste to properly decay each year, and also free an equivalent of 1 sq. km. of ocean surface from plastic waste.

Plogging Drives on Earth Day

Volunteers of the My Bhoomi movement commemorated “Earth Day” on 22 April 2024, aligning with the global theme of “Planet vs. Plastics” through plogging drives at different locations.

Ambazari Lake, Nagpur   

The My Bhoomi volunteers diligently collected plastic waste littering the lake’s banks, symbolizing their commitment to Mother Earth’s well-being. Twelve large sacks brimming with plastic wrappers, bottles, and polybags were collected and handed over for recycling, epitomizing the resolve to triumph over plastic pollution.

Barla Kunta Lake, Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, My Bhoomi volunteers joined hands with Dhruvansh NGO to restore Barla Kunta Lake, a neglected water body marred by plastic waste and debris. With unwavering determination, they embarked on a cleaning drive, symbolizing the collective effort needed to combat plastic pollution. Over twenty large sacks filled with refuse were handed over to the local municipal corporation personnel for safe disposal and recycling.

Aviral Godavari Campaign, Nashik

As part of the Aviral Godavari Mission, My Bhoomi volunteers collaborated with local institutes in Nashik, rallying over a hundred students for a transformative “Clean Tapovan” event. Amidst educational sessions and hands-on, cleaning drives the importance of waste segregation and individual responsibility resonated deeply. With a shared commitment to a plastic-free future, the students pledged to join the Aviral Godavari Mission, igniting hope for sustainable change.

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Ghorpade Ghat, Pune

In Pune, My Bhoomi’s endeavour extended to Ghorpade Ghat, a neglected heritage site plagued by plastic pollution. The volunteers undertook a rigorous cleaning drive, removing abundant plastic waste and debris. Recognizing the urgent need for sustainable solutions, the initiative emphasized the power of collective action and awareness in safeguarding our rivers and heritage sites.

The impact of My Bhoomi’s initiatives reverberates far and wide. Through collective action, education, and advocacy, the initiative embodies the spirit of environmental stewardship, inspiring hope for a sustainable future. As we stand united in our commitment to Mother Earth, My Bhoomi reaffirms its pledge to nurture, protect, and cherish our planet for generations to come.

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