Seva & Sadhana – by Sri M


The spiritual journey is where one must tread with immense patience. It is a journey where we need to be brave to walk. It requires leaving the Pravrutti Marg to take the Nivrutti Marg – leaving the outward journey to journey within.

In the words of Lord Krishna in Bhagawad Gita, one among thousands even thinks of breaking free from the imprisons of a cage. So what if it is golden, where you get food and all that you can think of but you do not get the freedom to spread the wings and fly. When one begins to think thus, it is the first step on this path.
The one who sets out on a spiritual journey has to become the smallest; all the paraphernalia is of no use on this journey. However, it does not mean that one should not do any work.

When Swami Vivekananda established The Ramakrishna Mission, he said, “You Sanyasis cannot meditate for twenty-four hours. Even if you sit and meditate for twenty-four hours, then know that you are not meditating. You are sleeping and you are in Tamoguna. The way to rise above Tamoguna is Rajoguna – an activity. An activity that benefits others – feed the one who is hungry, share knowledge with one who has none, think of solving the discomfort of one who lives in it, worship the one who is poor, serve him considering him to be Daridra Narayana – the God personification. Your mind will get purified serving this Daridra Narayana. Purification will happen only through service. Once purified, you can rise to Satvaguna, then you will be able to meditate well, otherwise not; meditation and the spiritual life do not amount to laziness.

Service is the best way; serve others and do your Sadhana alongside. Both have to be combined. Do a little Japa, Bhajan and kirtan. If you don’t open the door, how will He come in? Open the door!

You can hold my hand and walk with me. There is a nice song, sung by Late Mohammad Rafi Sahib – koi jab raah na paye, mere sang aaye, ke pag pag deep jalaye, meri dosti mera pyaar – We are walking and thus lighting the lamps. Many are with me; I am not the only one.

This is my friendship; this is my love.


Sri M

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