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Sri Mumtaz Ali, Founder & President

48/49, Wheelers Road, Cox Town, Bangalore 560005, India.

The Satsang Foundation – Administrative Office

48/49, Wheelers Road, Cox Town, Bangalore 560005, India.
Phone: +91-80-22974090, +91-80-32940292

The Foundation Bonafides

Income Tax – 80G exemption certificate Ref No.DIT (E) 147/80G@/ V-327/AAATM2522K/ ITO (E) – 2/ 2010-11 dated 6.8.2010 – Valid till the date of cancellation.
Registrar of Societies – Renewal No – Reg No 60/94.95 dt 28/9/2013225/12-13 dt 28/9/2013


Scheduling a Meeting with Sri M

For a meeting with Sri M, please click here.

Do note that meetings are through prior appointment only.

Visting Madanapalle

Sri M resides at Madanapalle, a part of Chittoor district, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. For a detailed information sheet on getting to Madanapalle to know more about The Satsang Foundation and Sri M, click here.

Reaching Us

Here are the Google Maps co-ordinates to reach The Satsang Foundation if you are travelling to Madanapalle.


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