The health initiatives and healthcare projects of The Satsang Foundation have been conceptualized by Sri M to provide free and quality preventive and curative healthcare through holistic and comprehensive treatments.

Swaasthya Hospital

Sri M’s vision of providing affordable and timely secondary and holistic healthcare to rural India is taking shape in Madanapalle. The Swaasthya Hospital, which is envisaged to be a 50-bed healthcare centre with a scope to expand up to 100 beds is picking up momentum.

The Swaasthya Hospital aims to provide timely treatment to those in need within the ‘Golden Hour’, where everything from critical care to COVID care can be attended to. With all critical services from emergency services and two fully equipped operation theatres to ICU under one roof, the Hospital will be a beacon of hope and save many lives.

Arogyam – Wellness Centre based on Ayurveda & Yoga

ArogyaM is Sri M’s vision of bringing the goodness of Ayurveda and Yoga together for inculcating a holistic way of living,

At ArogyaM, the health and wellness programs are based on Ayurvedic therapies, along with Asanas and Pranayama under the supervision of doctors and yoga experts. Programs and therapies focus on the wellness of body and mind – adequate detoxification and destress, to correct the imbalance created due to one’s diet and lifestyle. They are aimed not only at relaxation and rejuvenation but also to prepare the body and mind for spiritual progress.  The serene surroundings are conducive for healing and the journey inward.

Healthy body and a calm mind are the tarmac for exploring higher realms of consciousness.

International Yoga Research Foundation (IYRF), Kerala 

With a history of Yoga and various cultural customs, Cheruvikkal is the perfect geographical and cultural setting for the International Yoga Research Foundation (IYRF), envisioned by Sri M.The peaceful atmosphere here makes it an ideal destination for those seeking spiritual growth and inner peace. 

The Center will be instrumental in taking up the much needed evidence based research,  to derive measurable parameters on the benefits and effects of yoga and meditation on the human mind and body. 

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