7-26 May 2024 Sacred Grove, Texas, USA The Spring Retreat at Sacred Grove, Graham, Texas will include two Kriya Yoga retreats and two Upanishads retreats.(Details)
1-2 June 2024 Schluchsee, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany Retreat with Sri M in Germany on Kriya Yoga & Upanishads. (Details)
7-16 June 2024 London, United Kingdom Sri M will be visiting the UK from 7-16 June 2024. (Details)
12 July 2024 Nagpur, India Address at Bombay High Court Bar Association at the High Court premises, at 4.30 pm IST
13 July 2024 Nagpur, India Keynote address on “Consciousness in the age of AI” at AI Conclave, organised by Manthan Nagpur at 10.00 am IST
14 July 2024 Nagpur, India Inauguration of The Satsang Foundation Mobile Hospital and Diagnostic Unit at 10.00 am IST
17 July 2024 Madanapalle, India Consecration of Adinath Sri Guru Mahavatar Babaji Temple, at Madanapalle, India (Details)
21 July 2024 Madanapalle, India Celebrate Guru Purnima with Sri M at Madanapalle,India (Details)
17-18 August 2024 Bhopal, India Talk on ‘Concept of Shakti in Upanishadic Wisdom’(Details awaited)
5-12 October 2024 New Jersey, USA The Bhagavat Saptah retreat during the Fall, at New Jersey, with Sri M. (Details)

Swadhyaya, Self study Retreats at The Sacred Grove, Chowdepalle

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23rd to 26th May Mundaka Upanishad Click Here Open
6th to 9th June Essence of the Upanishads Click Here Open

Online Talks and Sessions with Sri M are scheduled & streamed live on a regular basis on the official YouTube channel. You can also join us on Social Media for live talks & videos on various topics.

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