The updated schedule page of Sri M and events on behalf of The Satsang Foundation will help you plan your participation in advance. Do note that programs may be cancelled or dates may change without notice. Please keep a watch on this space for additions or modifications to existing programs.

08th-28th May 2020 {STANDS POSTPONED}The Sacred Grove, TexasProgram details




05th-7th June 2020{STANDS POSTPONED} London Workshop with Sri M for 2.5 days (Satsang with Sri M – Registrations details)
8th June 2020 {STANDS POSTPONED} Alternatives at St James’s Church, Piccadilly Public Talk – Registration with fee applies. (Details to be announced)
10th June 2020 {STANDS POSTPONED} Nehru Centre, London Public Talk
14th – 17th June 2020 {STANDS POSTPONED} Paris, France (Details to be announced)
20th June 2020 {STANDS POSTPONED} Zurich, Switzerland Public Talk(Details)
20/21 June 2020 {STANDS POSTPONED} Geneva, Switzerland UN Geneva Office on International Day of Yoga (Details awaited)
22nd – 25th June 2020 {STANDS POSTPONED} Bern, Switzerland Satsang with Sri M (Registrations Open)
26th June 2020 {STANDS POSTPONED} Geneva, Switzerland Talk at WHO on Yoga:”A Comprehensive Understanding.”Entry by invitation only (Details awaited)
5th July 2020 Online Gurupurnima Online Celebrations
25th July 2020 {STANDS POSTPONED} Nagpur, Maharashtra Book launch and public talk (Details)
26th July 2020 {STANDS POSTPONED} Nagpur, Maharashtra Kriya Initiation (Registration Update)
11-13 December 2020 Ganesham Auditorium, Trivandrum Talk on Upanishads as part of the Soorya Festival (Details)
15-20 December 2020 Sabarimala Pilgrimage (Any 2 days)(Details)
21-27 December 2020 Tagore Theatre, Trivandrum Bhagawata Saptaham in English (Registration Details)


Sri M’s Programs


Guru Purnima with Sri M

Unable to have the usual celebrations at Madanapalle owing to the pandemic, The Guru Purnima 2020 celebrations will be held online this year, and the schedule is as below.