The Satsang Foundation—established by Sri M, is a meeting point for spiritual seekers of all persuasions. The Foundation actively conceptualizes, organises and executes activities and initiatives that bring true reformation and change in human minds for a better, more inclusive and truly united world.

The key objectives and activities of the Foundation derive from the dual intents of concern for mankind and the search for truth—helping people to explore ways and means to expand their spiritual horizons and lead a multi-dimensional life. The Satsang Foundation also extends a helping hand to the less privileged of society.

Key Objectives

♥ To explore the common core, principles and teachings of all religions and to cultivate the habit of living harmoniously with all sects of people.
♥ To bring together serious seekers of the Truth and investigate the true essence of religious and mystical teachings.
♥ To engage in charitable activities which benefit the less privileged human beings like, feeding the poor, grant of educational scholarships, providing free medical aid and helping old-age homes etc.

Initiatives by The Satsang Foundation

Satsang Foundation, based on its objectives, has contributed its mite for all-round and holistic improvement of the society. Over the years, Sri M’s efforts as a social reformer and educationist have given rise to many successful initiatives in Education, Health & Environment.

Satsang Vidyalaya

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Chanda Satsang Vidyalaya


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The Peepal Grove School

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 Swaasthya Hospital

The Swaasthya Hospital aims to provide timely treatment to those in need within the ‘Golden Hour’, where everything from critical care to COVID care can be attended to. With all critical services from emergency services and two fully equipped operation theatres to ICU under one roof, the Hospital will be a beacon of hope and save many lives.

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MyTree Project

MyTree is inspired by the Sanskrit word – Maitri – meaning amity. Amity conforms to the concept of Manav Ekta (oneness of humanity) propounded by Sri M, which is being implemented through the various programs of the Mission.The initiatives envisage working closely with governments, businesses and local communities to facilitate sustainable living.

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Satsang Jal Seva Sangatan

Inspired by Sri M’s urgent call to promote and implement Rain-Water Harvesting & Water Conservation nation-wide, the Satsang Foundation has initiated the Jal Seva Sangatan (SJSS). The aim of this initiative is to ensure that every household and institution in India recycles water efficiently. Our vision is for every Indian city to be self-sufficient for its water needs.

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Manav Ekta Mission

Advocates the oneness of humanity & promotes inter-faith harmony, transcending religious, racial, geographical, cultural and ideological differences.

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Walk of Hope 2015-16


A 18-month long padayatra in 2015-16, from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, led by Sri M, spanning 7500 kms across 11 states of India for peace, harmony and tolerance.

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The Satsang Seva Mission

The Satsang Seva Mission is an initiative by The Satsang Foundation to reach out to support people across the country in times of need, be it during natural disasters or man-made calamities.

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Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra

Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra, an initiative of The Satsang Foundation was founded by Sri M to teach authentic, traditional Yoga for holistic well-being to all aspirants.

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The Sacred Grove : Centre for Exploring Consciousness

An initiative of the Satsang Foundation, the Centre is taking shape at Chowdepalle, Andhra Pradesh, just 27 km away from Madanapalle. At the core of this Centre is the spirit of Swadhayaya – Sadhana, to understand the Self in the movement of symbiotic interactions.

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The Madanapalle Ashram

Tucked away in a quiet area, away from the bustling town of Madanapalle, The Satsang Foundation Ashram is a place where one can turn inwards with ease. Ample open spaces, a meditation hall and shrines consecrated by Sri M ensure that one connects to oneself.


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