Rivers are the lifeline of a civilization and a country’s greatest resource. 

The Satsang Foundation under its initiatives – Satsang Jal Seva Sangatan and Mytree – is launching Project Aviral Godavari jointly with Namami Goda Foundation along with active involvement of partner organisations to Rejuvenate the Source and the Journey of the River at Brahmagiri, Trimbakeshwar, District-Nashik. 

Deforestation, landscape erosion, dramatic rainfall changes and repeated occurrences of drought have created a water crisis in many regions, including around Godavari, one of India’s largest and most-revered rivers. As a result, Godavari, which once flowed perennially, is now limited to certain seasons. 

‘Aviral Godavari’ is a project to ensure the greenery of Brahma Giri (which the origin of the Godavari river) and the downstream path of the river. ‘Aviral’ means uninterrupted or continuous – the project aims to ensure an uninterrupted flow of water for all living beings dependent on the Godavari. The programme is being developed with mutual support between the government-teams and civil society-teams under the ‘Amrit Mahotsav Nadi Yatras’.

This massive multi-year project, across 5 states will involve local, state and the central government, civic society organisations and the public at large, to restore and rejuvenate the Godavari to its original yearlong glory. 

Project Objectives

  • Watershed management and Rejuvenation of over 90 waterbodies The Watershed and Soil conservation will be implemented under the eminent guidance of Rajendra Singh ji (Waterman of India), Justice Ambadas Joshi (Lokayukt, Goa) and other subject matter experts of the field, with active involvement of local residents through the MAHATMA GANDHI NATIONAL RURAL EMPLOYMENT GUARANTEE ACT 2005 (MNREGA) scheme. This will help in reduction of flash floods and drought situations.
  • Afforestation with the plantation of around 100,000 saplings Creating a dense forest on Brahmagiri mountain, and subsequently along the downstream path of the river, including plantation of indigenous trees, involving students from adjoining schools and Kusmade Pattern by Vijayashree Sanstha of Sh. Manoj Patil. The Satsang Foundation along with Namami Goda Foundation will provide indigenous tree saplings to villagers and the entire plantation maintenance will be covered under MGNREGA programmes by the local population. Through the Mytree concept, students will also participate in providing tree saplings for the ongoing plantation drive.
  • Awareness drives across all connected communities: Building public awareness through the ‘Know our Rivers’ campaign, and growing sensitivity among people to prevent water wastage, manage natural water bodies better, and prevent the pollution of rivers and water bodies through excessive and unwarranted human and industrial waste.

Reduction of soil erosion

  • Water conservation
  • Reduction of flash floods
  • Drought mitigation

The scarcity of continuous clean and pure water threatens the survival of all living beings. The Satsang Foundation urges everyone to join the cause and participate as volunteers to make this movement successful. 

To know more about the ‘Aviral Godavari’ project and how you can join the movement, write to us at connect@satsang-foundation.org