Book Launch of Sri M’s “The Journey Continues” – the sequel to Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master, on April 22, 2017 in Bengaluru

You are warmly invited.

The much-awaited sequel to Sri M’s bestseller, Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master, titled The Journey Continues will be launched in Bengaluru by Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Law and Justice, Electronics and Information Technology, on 22 April 2017. Prof PJ Kurien, Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha has kindly consented to be the chief guest for the book launch event.

The celebrated early 20th century novelist D H Lawrence’s famous quote “There are vast realms of consciousness still undreamed of vast ranges of experience, like the humming of unseen harps, we know nothing of, within us”, succinctly captures the essence of this much awaited sequel by Sri M to the best-seller.

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  1. malayalam Version available?

  2. Ramanujam says:

    Jai Shri Krishna Team,

    I wish to know when can the Hindi translation be available. Many are holding the English version but avoiding reading to, waiting for Hindi translation for almost year now. Please help in this matter.

    Thank You

  3. vivek gulia says:

    do we have hindi version of the book: The journey continues.
    it is almost an year post launch. still awaiting hindi translated version of it. IF it is not yet there, is it planned?

  4. MVS Narayana Murthy says:

    When we will welcome to Telugu translation

  5. Malayalam version available.. ..?

  6. MVS Narayana Murthy says:

    Also let me know the release of Telugu translation book

  7. Harikrishnan says:

    May i know when will launch the malayalam version ?

  8. Ashok Chaudhary says:

    Ian interested to read the book in Hindi.

    • Ashok Chaudhary says:

      I am interested to read the book in Hindi.Is it available and from where I can get?In English will also do.

  9. Is this book available in malayalam

  10. Dipak Bhatt says:

    Sequel to Apprenticed to a Himalayan master…… Whether available in Hindi or Gujarati?
    Please inform.

  11. Md jahangeer says:

    Respected sir
    Is this book available in Hindi.

  12. MVSN MURTHY says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please inform me whether the translation of the journey continues into Telugu Language is available

    Thanking you

  13. Kamal deep says:

    Is this book available in Hindi like the previous one..?

  14. Want malayalam version..

  15. Sameer Kumthekar says:

    I want to buy this book, is it available in Marathi like the earlier one of Shri M ‘s book?

    Please e-mail me if it available in Marathi & its cost & availability so that I can buy it .

    Thanks in advance!


  16. Sunit Banerji says:

    Beautiful sequence to Apprentice….
    Babaji’s messages are to sublime
    M’s journey in many lifetimes so
    fascinating…was unable to put down
    the book till completed !!

    Look forward eagerly to reading his
    next book he is currently writing

  17. Hi,

    Found the book ” The Journey Continues- A Sequel to Apprenticed to A Hiamalayan Master (A sequel to Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master) ” in Amazon


    Namaste Sir, Waiting eagerly to get the copy. All the very best for the program

  19. sasimenon says:

    pranams,master.Iam eagerly waiting to get a copy: moreover malayalam version also.

  20. Gyaneshwar Rao says:

    Looking forward to reading this book
    How to buy thisbook

  21. Gyaneshwar Rao says:

    Looking forward to reading this book

  22. Nagalakshmi says:

    Pranam! Sir ! I am eagerly waiting for this blessing.


  23. Gr8 news!!!
    I am interested in marathi version of this book. Can i know is it available in marathi? and when?

  24. Prabhu Desai says:

    Wow . So with part 2 , more Blessings and inspiration from Shri M Guruji. Hope we will get translated versions also soon.

  25. Prabhu Desai says:

    WOW, most welcome.Looking forward most earnestly. More inspirations and blessings to come across devotees way with part 2 . But then probably translated versions will be coming out at further later date. I will appreciate any further mail on availability of this book.

  26. This sequel available in regional language like Marathi or Hindi from day 1 ?

  27. when it ll release in kannada version?

  28. I have been eagerly waiting for this one.The first part has been a fabulous read.Prostrations to the great master ,Sri M.

  29. Anil kr Bhati says:

    Prostrate to Gurudev,
    Looking eagerly for the launch. When it will b available on Kindle/ flipkart.

  30. ram Chandra dey says:

    Pl indicate the vanue of the launching ceremony of the book :The Journey continues ; on 22nd April

  31. Great news..pranam to beloved guruji

  32. Was looking forward for this sequel …will this book be available thru amazon/overseas as well – Shree Gurudevyo Namah!!

  33. When will this be available on Amazon’s kindle?


  35. venkatesugaduputi says:

    Please send if entry pass is attend function at Banglore.

  36. Waiting for this another MASTERpiece.

    Look forward to reading this.

    I know it will be a great book, written to guide all of us in our journeys leading to the Divine.

    Great to have Sri M in our midst.

    God bless!

  37. It is so wonderful to see that Sri M decided to write the sequel to his deeply inspiring book, I was deeply moved after reading his accounts and got initiated into Kriya Yoga. i hope that Sri M’s message in the sequel reach even more readers and initiate them on the path to self discovery.

    Shree Gurudevyo Namah!!

  38. Praveen Jamwal says:

    Prostrate to Sri M, Sri Guruji and Sri Maheshwarnath babaji,

    Waiting for this book after hearing about its launch when Sri M was in Dubai last month. All mankind should be thankful to him for his messages which is like divine nectar.

    Thanks Sri Mji for all your loving care to mankind….