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  1. Both the series of books are good enough to prove that human life is not limited to the little trinkets we run and jump around. If we can walk on this path and really experience it , that would be wonderful. Guidance , blessings of sri M and blessings of Maheshwaranath babaji and Sri Guru Babaji on all of us to show us the direction on the path.

  2. Praveen Jamwal says:

    I read numerous biographies of great saints and the way Sri M has written both version, these two books are basically fountain of spiritual knowledge directly going in throat of true seekers like a nectar. Prostrate to you Guruji, to Maheshwarnath babaji and Sri Guruji……

    May we also have fortune to live with such saints…..who converts humans to divine….

  3. We are grateful to Sri M for coming out and talking to us about his experiences and the possibilities that exist and guiding our way. Not an easy task. He is a great soul. It is a Blessing to know him.

  4. Dr Renu Suri says:

    The comments on the book of revered Jagat Guruji are written from his heart. Every word is true . I was also fortunate to attend the book launch in Delhi recently . Sri M is a living Yogi and we were fortunate to have his darshan and hear him speak about his spiritual journey and also role of his Guru in his past life and present life .
    May god bless him with good health. I offer my services to support his cause for
    up liftment of mankind.
    Warm regards
    Dr Renu Suri

  5. Dr. Priyamvada says:

    Such a beautiful letter written by Jagadguruji.. It truly encompasses the essence of the Journey Continues..