By the Ocean with Sri M – Retreat at Mahabalipuram, Chennai

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  • By-the-Ocean-with-Sri-M---Retreat-at-Mahabalipuram-Chennai
  • Date :

    November 21st - 24th 2017

  • Time :

    As per Program

  • Venue :

    Mahabalipuram, Chennai

Thank you for the overwhelming response. Registrations for the Retreat at Mahabalipuram, Chennai is now CLOSED.

Serenity, Samvaad and Satsang with Sri M

Dates :

• Check-in : 11am, 21st Nov 2017 before lunch
• Check-out : 10am, 24th Nov 2017 after breakfast
Venue: Mahabalipuram, near Chennai
A beautiful, calm resort, about an hour from Chennai on the scenic East Coast Road, our sojourn with the Master sits right by the sea, with its own private beach.

To Register :

(a) Click on link (Form 1) : Fill & send.
(b) Based on availability, you will be given a TEMPORARY # with further instructions to make the necessary payments and confirm your registration.
NOTE: You may submit multiple forms on behalf of friends and relatives but TAKE CARE to use one form per person. Communication to them will be through the e-mail id entered in the form

Retreat Cost:

AC rooms, 3 or 4 sharing per room (with attached bathrooms) – Rs. 10,800/-
Includes food and accommodation for 3 nights. It does not include transport to and from the resort.
NOTE: We cannot provide accommodation to drivers.

Payment Details:

Details will be e-mailed to the Registered participants.

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  1. Bhogeshwara Rao says:


    Please sir, register me for the next retreat

    Bhogeshwara Rao

    Cell :9380330047

  2. I want to register for Kriya initiation in this retreat.

  3. Please note that registrations are closed for the Chennai retreat and there is a long waiting list. Hence, it would not be possible to take in any more.

    Do keep a watch on Sri M’s programs on the main page of The Satsang Foundation website. There will be more retreats coming up which may be announced shortly.

  4. Please let me know if there is a seat available after anyone cancels. Thanks

  5. wish to join this program. Please inform if there is any cancellation.

  6. Please if any one cancels ..please inform..thanks

  7. Raja Gopal Vemuri says:


    I’m waiting to get Kriya Yoga initiation from Sri M. Can you please notify me, if any slot is available. With Respect
    Raja Gopal V

  8. Darshan Gandhi says:

    Namaste sir, I am waiting so long to meet you Sri M and I request you to initiate me in kriya yoga and want to attend this retreat if possible if any one drops out. Thanking you your faithfully Darshan Gandhi

  9. Sandeep Kohli says:

    Any retreats in Delhi area? if there are opt outs please let me know, i’d like to attend.

  10. Pankaj K Choudhary says:

    Sri Gurubhyo Namah

    We would like to participate in this retreat , we can arrange food and accommodation by our own. We want our kids to get the blessings of Guru Ji . Kindly consider our request.

    Thank you

  11. Nagaraja k b says:

    Please if any boy opts out kindly consider my name

  12. Namaste,

    If there would be a possibility of attending this retreat, please do share. I am happy to get my own accommodation, logistics etc.

    Thank you,
    Anirudh Goel.

  13. Rekha Vijay says:

    I would like to attend the retreat at Mahabalipuram if it is possible to register now. Please let me know.

  14. Nalini Rao says:

    I had submitted my willingness to attend this retreat but did not receive any token number or mail. Kindly let me know if I can attend.


  15. Mahender says:

    Hi Sangha,

    Id like attend this retreat. Please let me if there is such possibility, Im ready to comprise on accommodation Ill arrangemen it on my own if needed.


  16. Hema selvan says:

    Is there any availability for this retreat .i was looking forward to attend it .
    Hema selvan

  17. kalpathy says:

    Dear sir,
    Is there any availability in the program? Really keen on joining.


  18. Dear sir,
    Is there any vacancy for this retreat? I am really interested in joining


  19. Dear Sir, we (2) are very very keen on joining the retreat. Please let us know if we can be accomodated. Thank-you