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Energy – once its work of creation, preservation, and destruction is done – still remains whole. This is not possible when we think of energy in the daily world.We work and we feel tired. We say, ‘some of my energy is lost’. But here, the whole Cosmos is spun out of this energy, which keeps working tirelessly and yet remains unaltered.

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  1. Dear Sri M,
    I felt an immense pull to be in your presence and learn from you after i started reading your book-Apprentice to Himalayan Masters and then after i found out just recently that you are alive and offer retreats i am now filled with joy. I wrote an email to you and you suggested me to send my request here.
    I live in Florida in the US and work as travel doctor but i can take time off. Please let me know if you will allow me to visit you at your ashram in Madanapalli ( sorry i said Kerela before). Let me know what month is less crowded and when will you be the most available for teaching. Retreats are good and they are popular here in the West but i feel they are very short, i want to come and stay longer, with no hurry, learn from you in a relaxed way.