Sri M said….

When I eat a fruit – it’s only when the sense organ comes into contact with the fruit, that I enjoy the taste of it. But that enjoyment is not in the fruit – it is in me. I am the one who is enjoying it. The theory of Vedanta –and also experienced when practiced in life – is that all bliss and happiness lies within every living being. A little of that happiness is released when the senses come into contact with a particular object.

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  2. Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah

  3. SRI ji,

    I have a question within if happiness recides within the person tasting the fruit, then it basically means the counterpart does not feel neither pleasure or sadness. Can it be the same among human? We thought we share happiness but it may not be the same for the other. Then there can be no real happiness but only relative happiness!!mo absolute bliss!!!