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You must have heard the famous statement that many people think is a modern English saying – ‘blind leading the blind’. It is an ancient statement. It comes from the Mundaka Upanishad – ‘andhenaiva nīyamānā yathāndhāḥ.‘ It refers to those who have learnt only theoretically and think they know– when such people lead others into spiritual matters, it is like the blind leading the blind.

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  1. How to meditate and bring turbulent mind into control.please teach us the initial stages of meditation.

  2. Om Shri Gurubhyo Namaha

  3. It is so true. We see so many such people in society today. People should imbibe the spirit of Upanishads. We should question others as well as ourselves. Swami Ji’s teachings n sermons r so relevant. We should not develop heard mentality instead a spirit of enquiry will lead us to find true gurus. This applies to all fields of life