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Sri-M-8You see affection links the Supreme Manifestation, or even a great Teacher, to those who can benefit from it. This ‘affection’ doesn’t ask for anything in return. It is a link that develops due to past-birth links. It is an unexplained attraction. There is no give and take. The rational intellect cannot explain this

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  1. True Guruji some times it feel very deeply

  2. Dear Sri Madhukarnath Babaji,

    Do you mean to say that we carry our experiences from past birth to the present life and what gets destroyed is the physical body of the previous birth? Law of causation? Please explain.

  3. TRUE,normal experince,we are attracted by some persons&we feel NO contact be made with some,not only hate,but like to avoid some.we feel good/better when come in contact/simply glimpse of some old relation,rememberance.!

  4. I am a retired banker and certified yoga instructor from S svyasa yoga university. I would like to participate in your yagna through contributing my time in administration and yoga.