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  1. excellent! i agree.

  2. TRUE,it makes one think,reasons for the event&right thinking brings happiness,helps to corect oneself made mistakes,naturally happiness on self introspection.

  3. Sounds strange, but true. Unless we understand sorrow, how can we actually experience happiness? Sorrow is the path through which we attain happiness. But both sorrow and happiness seem to be temporary state of mind. Our goal is to attain an eternal state of consciousness and bliss.

  4. Happiness and sorrow are neutral; it is just that we term happiness as something that happened as per our wishes and sorrow as something which went against our liking. The almighty always wishes good for us even in so called sorrow and we realize it, always in retrospect. Our aim should be to learn to maintain equanimity towards all events in life and we will find everything is HIS manifestation.