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  1. One more time you hit the nail on the head Sir. Leo Tolstoy gives a deeply touching and enlightening elaboration on this very theme in “What Men Live By”, a short story in his “Twenty Three Tales”. Pranams. Jai Babaji

  2. Dear Sri Madhukarnath Babaji, Yes indeed! But even after knowing what I need, still I could be bound by social compulsions and duties. How do I address those?

  3. shalini khanna says:

    True Sir. I am at a stage where i dont feel i need much. Now … where to go?

  4. Namaste!
    Is it that the only thing we need is peace i feel, and wants comes when we reach out to find the peace and on the way we forget what we actually needed and those wants becomes our needs..? so basically wants are driven by material desires and need is something which we long for from inside?? Kindly help me understand this.
    Thanks & Regards,