Sri M said…

Sri-M-5The entire teaching of the Upanishads concerns the kind of knowledge, which when communicated to a mind that’s absolutely silent, results in the discovery of the true self. Having discovered the true self, one says, Tat Tvam Asi, which means you are none other than THAT—which is absolute Supreme Reality, Brahman, the Truth or whatever you want to call it!

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  1. Dr Gautam Naresh says:

    I understand that the system of yoga which Sri M has practiced through different lives of Nath Sampraday for reaching this stage is not the only way. As he says for different individuals prescription is unique to him/her. So I want to know what system of yoga would suit to me. I am now about to touch 70 years?

  2. Dear Madhukarnath Babaji, I would want to read all the Upanishads, which give me the knowledge of the self through your guidance. Will you bless me; so that, I understand this knowledge seamlessly? Will you guide me towards the path of REALIZATION?