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Sri-M-8Everybody says, ‘I have surrendered.’ Nobody has truly surrendered. To surrender, really, is not easy. If I surrender, it means to firstly consider what am I surrendering to? Who am I surrendering to? And, why am I surrendering? When I say ‘surrender,’ Isay, ‘Oh, I like somebody; so I have surrendered.’ True surrender, inmy understanding, is realizing that no amount of mental acrobatics is going to bring about that stillness and peace that I am looking for. Then I say, ‘To hell with it’, I drop it and sit quietly. This is surrender, from my point of view.

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  1. May I come to you to discuss the surrender and to become empty without any prejudice.? Madhav 09820349276 Dombivli (West), Near Mumbai. At present I am at Vadodara till 20th of June, 2016.