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  1. Sir how beautifully in short Sri M has expressed this very correct thought.
    I have personally been able to see my own behaviour and actions correctly by observing my thoughts in meditation,during meditation i was able to see clearly that sometimes i behaved badly with others was becoz of my conditiong ,and that thought only clearly visible to me when i was quietly meditating and my own mistakes were clearly understood by myself.
    Pranam to Sri M.

  2. Human emotions across all religions remain same,to understand this ,we have to struggle with our prejudices and our mind conditiong,i feel the best way for that is to put ourselves in that situation and then honestly say that how one should have reacted.
    Unless v are honest v will always rationalise our own acts and criticise action of others(other religion,caste,age group,other nationals etc…)
    Personally meditation has helped me to get over prejudices in my family issues with wife n parents,v behave without thinking carried away by our conditioning but, when v meditate our own follies are visible to us nad if we r able to meditate continuously v r motivated to change our behaviour.

  3. nagalakshmi says:

    Reading world literature especially on human lives and sufferings helps us in

    getting this kind of understanding. For ex., “Roots ” by Huxley ( as i remember).

    Moving among the downtrodden and grass root level people also creates this


    Such kind of awareness facilitates a mental set which makes it easier to introspect and understand inherent oneness of humanity. My own experience.

    Masterji , pardon me if i am wrong.

  4. Yes each of us needs to be the change we want in others.
    Each has the resposibilty and the power within to change and perceive that we are ONE where no differences exist.