Sri M said…

Sri-M-4There is an unknown Supreme Reality which is at the beginning of this universe and which will remain forever. When I say the universe, I am not talking about this earth but the universe! Earth is a very small speck of this whole universe. It is like a particle of dust, it is nothing and in that particle of dust, we are the smallest particle of dust possible. If God was a laboratory researcher and he wanted to see us, he cannot even see us with a microscope. He would have to use an electron microscope, perhaps. We are so small and yet we think the whole world revolves around us.

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  1. nagalakshmi says:

    Masterji means that we should realize the reality of our existence . If we we

    understand ., we do not develop inflated egos and behave arrogantly. We

    develop humbleness necessary for personal and spiritual development.

  2. so small but a sample of everything in the world